Meditation Made Easy

An introduction-to-meditation course

Let's demystify meditation 


Many people think they can't meditate because they can't clear their mind.

Some have tried and feel like they failed because they have an unrealistic idea of what meditation is.

Others have never even tried because they don't know where to start.

Learn how easy it can be


Starting with just 2-minutes a day, you will begin to see the benefits of a daily meditation practice.

Meditation can bring down your stress, create more harmony and peace in the mind and reconnect you to yourself.

It's all possible for you!

"Be the Master of Mind instead of being mastered by the mind."  ~Japanese Proverb

I'm ready to learn!

Learn 5 different types of meditations

Meditation can be experienced in many different ways. In this course, you will learn and experience the following meditations:

  • Breath Meditation
  • Walking Meditation
  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Visualization Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation


Downloadable Meditations and Suggested Resources


Each meditation introduced will come with an MP3 that will guide you through the practice.

You will also get links to similar meditations on YouTube to continue growing your practice.

Included with the course is a guide to developing a daily, practical AND maintainable self-care practice.



"Meditation is the weight room for the mind." ~Ed Latimore

I'm ready to exercise my mind!

Say yes to yourself today!


For as little as $22, this course can bring you back to yourself, if practiced regularly.

Two to three minutes a day is all you need to develop a consistent practice and reap the benefits of meditation.

You are worth it!


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