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Why Do They Always Break Up With Me?

You are a good person, right? You feel like you should be able to hang on to your partner and have a long-committed relationship, right? Everyone else seems to make it work, but your relationships always end. And they always end in the same way. Uncover the truth about why you have similar relationship experiences over and over again. By understanding and looking at your past, you will know how to make changes, so you never have to go through the same heartbreak again.

Best-Selling Author and Conscious Relationship Coach, Carrie Jeroslow will teach you an eight-step process to uncover why your relationships always end and what you can do to have a completely different experience the next time around.

#1 Best-Seller

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A New Paradigm of Education

Discover a new type of education led by inner truth where we all thrive; a New Paradigm of Education is a collective response to making changes within education. It’s a gentle letting go of all old paradigms of education that have not been serving our students, educators, mentors, and parents and exploring the new paradigms that are rapidly changing education.

So, don’t be left behind and get real-life, effective advice to move into an education that is transformational for the highest good for all.  Read the collective stories, interviews, and resources from eight global educators.

Co-Author: Chapter 2 - Educating the WHOLE Child

International Best-Seller in 7 Countries

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