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Learn How to "Relationship" in Your Own Unique Way and

Transform Your Intimate Relationships Forever

Yes, I Want This!

Tired of feeling like a failure in your relationships?


Do any of these descriptions feel like you?

  • You've had difficulty establishing long-term relationships
  • You don't know why others leave you...or you always leave them
  • There's never been a relationship in your life that felt meaningful and fulfilling at a deep, core, intimate level
  • It's been difficult for you to name and claim what you want in a relationship
  • You're burned out and tired of dating just to date and want something more substantial in a relationship
  • Your current relationship is stale and cold and you miss being in the deep throws of passion
  • You feel lonely and alone in your relationship


I know it may not seem like it, but I can tell you that it is 100% possible for you and you are worthy and deserving of experiencing  a relationship where:


✴️  You're met with unconditional love and acceptance

✴️  Your unique desires, needs, wants, and preferences are met while your partner receives the same from you

✴️  There's space to name and claim what you REALLY want in intimate relationships

✴️  You find happiness within yourself first and watch how it magically shifts your relationship experience with your intimate beloved

✴️  Expectations are released and your partner meets you there fully

✴️  You define what a fruitful, fulfilling relationship looks like for YOU and your partner

✴️  There's room to explore how to improve and enhance an already amazing relationship

✴️  You look forward to discovering each other -- again, and again with conscious intimacy and communication


To get what you want, you need to:

First: Know WHAT you want

Second: Clear the subconscious beliefs blocking you from getting what you want


The Dream Relationship Design LIVE Experience

An 8-week group experience curated to help you design the relationship of your dreams - with your current partner or someone new. We'll define your relationship imprint and help you design a relationship that is truly as unique as you are.

During our 8-weeks together, we'll be diving into:

  • How to consciously design your dream relationship and what relationship design is all about
  • Introduction to relationship diversity - what it is, how it can show up, and why exploring it can lead to relationships that are more aligned to who you really are - instead of who you've been told that you are
  • Exploring all the different structures of relationships and why relationship diversity can help you see new perspectives on intimacy
  • Looking at societal, cultural, and familial programming around relationship structures and how that affects how we show up in relationships
  • Reprogramming what a relationship can be
  • Massively boosting your confidence that you can CREATE and DESIGN your dream relationship - and that you are worthy and deserving of doing so
  • Discover your non-negotiables and learn conscious communication
  • Create a dream relationship vision and remove any past programming blocking your vision from coming to life
  • Getting to know yourself and what you REALLY want (not what culture has told you to want) in an intimate relationship
I'm Ready to Learn to Love

Curious how relationship reprogramming has helped others?

See Cassie's transformation below:



I've mentored HUNDREDS of individuals to reach their dream relationships, teaching the following concepts:

  • Relationship Structure Diversity
  • Subconsicous Reprogamming
  • Knowing Yourself Most Intimately
  • Unique Relationship Design
  • Conscious Relationships
  • Conscious Communication
  • Self-Advocation and Asking For What You Want
  • Creating a Vision for Your Dream Relationship
  • Soul Healing
  • Belief Restructuring




I'm a Best-Selling Author, Conscious Relationship Expert, Speaker, Intuitive and Podcast Creator/Host of the Relationship Diversity Podcast.

I love busting through societal programming and embracing new discussions about Conscious and Diverse Relationships.


I believe we all deserve and are capable of having relationships that are joy-filled and soul-nourishing.


The key is knowing and embracing ourselves as fully as possible. This takes deep commitment, courage, and guidance.


I hope to support you on this path because I know that it can lead you to the relationship of your dream.

Here's what people are saying:

"It honestly changed my life. With Carrie's guidance, I was able to move forward and face life decisions with both my head and my heart."

Jane ~ Sanford, NC

"As both a healer and a teacher, Carrie creates a wonderful and safe environment where a person can change and develop fully."

Tristan Jih ~ Las Vegas, NV

"My emotional well-being has improved dramatically because of her intuitive guidance. She has a beautiful gift of guiding souls on the path of healing, seeing, and living a positive life."

Jo ~ Elkin, NC

"Carrie helped me have revelations that I haven't been able to discover on my own, thus increasing my self-confidence and unlocking my heart. I haven't felt this connected to myself in years."

Kat Bodrie ~ Winston-Salem, NC

This could be the NEXT BEST STEP in your relationship journey if you...

  • Want to bust through social, cultural, and familial programming around relationships that have dictated what you want, need, and know relationships to be
  • You feel there must be more to relationships than what you've currently experienced
  • You feel like you've failed time and time again at creating the relationship you've been dreaming about
  • You've never met someone who can meet you fully with the depth and love you are seeking to give and receive
  • How you've been doing relationships in the past doesn't feel good to you
  • ....some days you think it'd be easier to call it quits or give up on the notion of fulfilling love

Here's how I'll help you:

In this 8-week-long, transformational course, you will receive a combination of new information on HOW to design a relationship of your dreams while learning WHAT you want.

We do this work together in 2 key ways:

1. Teaching the foundational principles of relationship diversity - which is about naming and claiming what you really want and elevating you to feel worthy and deserving of having the relationship of your dreams.

2. Reprogramming your past beliefs about relationships and downloading new thought patterns about how to consciously connect with your partner to create a nourishing, fulfilling grounding, passionate, connected love life.

Our work together will alternate between learning new principles and helpful practices, to hot seat coaching where your burning questions can be answered, and also the relationship reprogramming work that will address your mindset about love and help you form positive new beliefs about what's possible for your dream love life.

Week 1

Introduction of Relationship Diversity - What It Is, How It Can Show Up, and Why Exploring It Can Lead To Relationships That Are More Aligned To Who You Really Are (Instead of Who You've Been Told That You Are)

Reprogramming With Relationship Diversity

Q & A / Live Coaching

Week 2

Exploring All the Different Structures of Relationships

Finding Ways Diversity Can Show Up Within the Different Relationship Structures

Reprogramming Relationship Structures - Finding the Unique Structure That Feels Most Aligned With Who You Presently Are

Q & A / Live Coaching

Week 3

Looking At Societal, Cultural, and Familial Programming Around Relationship Structures and How That Affects How We Show Up in Relationships

Reprogramming to Clear What Doesn't Resonate With Us

Q & A / Live Coaching

Week 4

Our 90-minute call will be spent answering your questions and doing 1-to-1 coaching in the group atmosphere.

Bring your questions and challenges to Carrie and experience her coaching first-hand!

Week 5

Getting to Know Yourself and What You Really Want (Not What Culture Has Told You To Want)

Discover Your Non-Negotiables and How to Ask For What You Want in a Conscious Way

Reprogramming What You Really Want in Relationships

Q & A / Live Coaching

Week 6

What Designing Your Own Relationship Is About

How to Create the Relationship Of Your Dreams With Your Current Partner or Someone New You Are Calling In

Reprogramming For Relationship Design

Q & A / Live Coaching

Week 7

Creating the Vision for Your Dream Relationship

Reprogramming What a Relationship Can Be and Confidence That You Can Create and Design Your Dream Relationship

Elevate Your Belief That You Are Worthy & Deserving of Having This and More

Q & A / Live Coaching

Week 8

Our final gathering will be spent answering questions and reviewing all that we have learned.

We will also have time to do some 1-to-1 coaching and reprogramming.

Bring your questions and challenges to Carrie and experience her coaching first-hand!


When exploring an idea that is "outside the box," community is essential.

This is a group cultivated with a foundation of love, care, inclusivity, and acceptance.

Included with the course is access to our community group message board where the conversation can continue and expand outside of our weekly meetings.

Let's support each other while bringing kindness, compassion, and understanding

*Community Guidelines apply


This program starts the week of April 17, 2023



Per Person

  • Access for 1 person
  • Access to 1 weekly group call for 8-weeks
  • Relationship Diversity Guide
  • Membership in the Relationship Diversity community for the duration of the program



Save $499

  • Access for 2 people
  • Access for 2 people to 1 weekly group call for 8-weeks
  • Relationship Diversity Guide
  • Membership in the Relationship Diversity community for the duration of the program



Save $769

  • Access for 3 people
  • Access for triads to 1 weekly group call for 8-weeks
  • Relationship Diversity Guide
  • Membership in the Relationship Diversity community for the duration of the program


You'll have a clear vision of the dream relationship that you want and this vision will guide you in meeting and manifesting the partner of your dreams (or help you create a new level of partnership with your current intimate partner)

You will gain tools and skills to be able to consciously communicate your unique relationship wants, needs, and desires to your intimate partners as a result of this work

By the end of this course, you will have new frameworks to be able to enter and engage in intimate relationships with clarity and confidence that you can ask for what you want and co-create the relationship of your dreams

Here's what people are saying:

"Thank you so much for today. I cannot even begin to tell you in words just how naturally joyful and happy that I am."

Elizabeth ~ North Carolina

"Carrie has a very special way about her. She always creates a safe space to go deep within. She has helped me make peace with my past and honor my true identity."

Jada ~ BC, Canada

"Just being with Carrie while she did her work, I could FEEL the stuck energy in my body move and lift and clear out. I feel so much LIGHTER like a heavy weight has been lifted."

Blake ~ Colorado

"Carrie's professionalism is unsurpassed. The authenticity in which she offers her healing work is unlike any other I have experienced. The work we've done together has been transformative and clarifying, bringing about personal growth and a deeper understanding for my life."

Maggie V ~ Las Vegas, NV

Living a life from our truth can be the most freeing experience.

It takes courage to walk this path and a community to hold the space for you to do the inner exploration necessary.

Every relationship is as unique as you are.


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